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октомври 11, 2008
ноември 8, 2008

Какви ще бъдат тенденциите за 2009 в интериора и обзавеждането.

Според дизайнерите това са

– Етно мотивите

– Стъклото

– Лилавата палета и цвета на горчицата

– Модерния Patchwork – смесица от различни парчета плат

– Външния Шик

– Червената и оранжева палета

по долу е оригиналия текст от PointClickHome



The bold patterns of the former Soviet Union and rural Russia were embroidered across all genres of decor. Suzani patterns and Uzbek folk art inspire striking patterns in circular motifs with bold colorations. Themes of Russian nesting dolls resurface in more modern ways.


The complex dimensions of snowflakes and crystal quality of ice is one of the freshest themes in home design. Frosty finishes, metallic accents, and cube shapes redefine the fine line between hot and cool.

Mustard and Plum Palette

Last seasons’ two most prominent colors pair up as this year’s dominant palette. Plum and gold tones stand out while deep purple, rosy lavenders, and bold yellows with a hint of green gain momentum.
Modern Patchwork

These quilted accessories are far from country kitsch. A modern mix of pieced fabric, tiny flowers, and color-blocked graphics, this age-old craft has made its grand entrance into the 21st century.
Outdoor Chic

No longer relegated to teak and wicker, outdoor furniture design is pushing traditional boundaries of style and technical innovation. This genre of decor took more risks than any other this season.
Red and Orange Palette

Passionate, warm, and inviting—the red and orange family has a strong presence this fall. Crimson and citrus combinations appear in table linens and lamps. Clear reds make a splash in ethnic textiles, sculpted candles and silk flowers.

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